Posse Review

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Soldiers return from war with stash of gold and seek vengeance on a pre-war lynch mob.


In the modern-day scenes that bookend 'Posse', Woody Strode (star of classic Westerns such as 'Once Upon A Time In The West', 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' and 'Sergeant Rutledge' passes on the history of the Wild West to a younger generation.

Picking up on the theme, director-actor Mario Van Peebles takes a revisionist stance, as his outlaw posse (all black, with token white Stephen Baldwin) range through the genre staples - Monument Valley, dusty street showdowns, bar room brawls, jailhouse lynch mobs, the coming railroad and so on. But it's all attitude and style with very little in the way of substance: Spaghetti Western warmed up as an MTV dinner.

All style and no substance in a film that attempts to subvert a genre but instead upholds it. Entertaining but a tad empty.