Porky's Review

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Angel beach High's loveable misfit teenagers embark on open warfare with the owner of Porky's, a nightclub from which they were once unceremoniously expelled...


Take a trip down memory lane with the hormonally-addled boys and girls of Angel Beach High as they wage war on the local nightclub owner.

Still the most successful Canadian film ever made, Bob Clark's shamelessly smutty high school caper not only pretty much invented the teen sex comedy, but also formed the blueprint for the slew of later imitations, such as 'American Pie'. Not only that, it's still quite funny in a guilty pleasure sort of way. The sequel, released the year after, is pretty much just a rehash and has the gall to use footage from the original in the title sequence.

Juvenile humour in this early teen sex comedy makes for a satisfying precursor to 'American Pie'. If you like that kind of thing.