Porky's Revenge Review

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Graduation approaches at Angel Beach High, but the students have their minds on other matters: there's a basketball tournament to fix and, more worringly, it seems an old adversary, Porky (Chuck Mitchell), has resurrected his brothel.


Quite why this film was made is beyond reason. Sensibly, Bob Clark (who directed the first two) has jumped the floating brothel, but most of the cast remain.

Porky tries to get his own back on the high school kids who smashed up his floating brothel-cum-gambling hell in this worthless drivel. Miss Balbricker is back, at which we can all breathe a sigh of, well, disgust. The plot tries to thicken with the sub-plot of a basketball tournament and the arrival of Porky’s daughter…but to try and evaluate this film in terms of cinematic conventions is meaningless – other, simpler analogies will do. If the second in the series held a brief, dirty excitement, then this third helping is the resulting STD. It’s embarrassing, regretful to look at, and will make you clean up the kind of films you hang around with, should you have the misfortune to contract it.

An unredeemable failure on all levels, other than living up to our expectations.