Planet 51 Review

Image for Planet 51

Famous astronaut Chuck Baker lands on a planet which has little green men, but they are living in a 1950s style society where they believe, from TV shows, that spacemen want to eat their brains.


Astronaut Chuck Baker (Dwayne Johnson) lands on a planet populated by little green people whose culture parallels Earth circa 1959. They’ve seen so many films about human invaders they want to blast Chuck before he eats their brains.

Teen Lem (Justin Long) tries to help Chuck get back to his ship before he’s taken for dissection... This Anglo-Spanish CG cartoon isn’t quite as slick as the likes of Monsters Vs Aliens, but compensates with a wider range of humour: the platitudes about seizing the day slide past conventionally, but a lot of neat, funny, downright inspired little elements are sneaked in.

Both fun and funny, this is not as tight as bigger budget animations but has an awful lot of charm.