Pitch Perfect 2 Review

Image for Pitch Perfect 2

A year on and the Bellas' rep is growing, until a fateful performance in front of the President ends in public humiliation. Can Beca (Kendrick), Fat Amy (Wilson) and Chloe (Snow) haul the crew back to former glories or will college life's distractions rip apart the a cappella cadre forever?


Elizabeth Banks makes her directing debut with a sequel that’s funnier than the last film and even more knowing, with a central plot in which a cappella group the Bellas have changed from underdogs to big hitters who can only disappoint. Visually, Banks’ direction lacks energy, but she has faultless comic timing, and the script this time around is more tuned to the individual talents of an excellent cast. A glut of sub-plots sometimes smother the central story, but the whole is never less than great fun. If this is the Bellas’ last encore, they’re going out with a hit.

The golden-larynxed franchise graduates with a merit.