Payback Season Review

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Premiership star-in-the-making Jerome (Deacon) finds his hopes of making a career for himself in serious jeopardy when a gang from his old council estate comes calling.


Adam Deacon could probably learn a thing or two from the plight of his character Jerome, a Premier League footballer whose bright career is threatened when he becomes embroiled with a gang from the estate he grew up on. BAFTA Rising Star winner, Deacon, like his on-screen persona, probably shouldn’t let himself get dragged down so easily. The script makes Footballers’ Wives look authentic, while decent efforts from the supporting cast and an amusingly awkward cameo from footballing legend Geoff Hurst aren’t enough to divert attention away from the glaring plot contrivances and basic continuity errors. Deacon alone saves this from one-star ignominy.

A blackmail thriller that's more non-league than Premiership.