Paheli - The Mystery Review

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A friendly ghost (Shah Rukh Khan) take on the shape of a trader who’s left his new wife (Rani Mukherjee) to go on a five-year business trip. Cue lots of Bewitched-style japes as the loveable spectre uses his powers to trick his greedy ‘father’, impress th


This Bollywood spectacular could have been more snappily retitled Phantoms Have More Fun. The flimsy plot (adapted from an allegedly "classic" folk tale) is padded out to a near-interminable length with puppet interludes and the usual musical numbers. While there are some compensatory pleasures — the primary colours, some perky tunes, an animatronic squirrel — by the time the cast embark on an extended song about bangles (bangles!), you start to feel like you’re the one on a five-year business trip.

Energetic, colourful and completely disposable, this is the Bollywood equivalent of a seafront puppet show. And one that lasts for over two hours, at that.