In Order Of Disappearance Review

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Norwegian plough jockey Nils (Skarsgård) decides to get even when his son is killed by a group of crims.


Stellan Skarsgård's Nils is a plough driver keeping Norway’s mountain roads clear (he’s named ‘citizen of the year’ for his efforts, hence the film’s native title, The Prize Idiot). When his son dies as a result of the local drug trade, he starts picking off those responsible. Hans Petter Moland’s fourth collaboration with Skarsgård starts out like a Nordic Death Wish, but gradually switches to a very different, darkly comic track as Nils’ violent antics bring a Mafia war to his sparse community. Pål Sverre Hagen provides the broadest laughs as pretentious vegan drug lord Greven.

Funny and nasty in the best traditions of Headhunters and Jackpot, this is the Stellan Skarsgård vengeance thriller we've all been waiting for.