One Night In Turin Review

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A documentary following the England team to Italia 90.


If you're a football fan of a certain age, this documentary charting England’s Italia 90 campaign is a passport to nostalgia and the perfect prep for the World Cup. If you’re not, run for hills, as despite neatly pitching the England team into the context of a country beset by troubles (unemployment, the Poll Tax riots, Chris Waddle’s hair), there’s little to engage the neutral.

The fly on the England dressing room wall is Pete Davies, whose terrific book of the tournament, All Played Out, doubles as source material and lyrical voiceover for the plentiful game footage. Glaring, though, is the lack of access to key players, and all those Gazza tongue lolls and Maradona shimmies can’t make up for a lack of fresh insights.

Nostalgic viewing for fans that offers up too little by way of fresh insights.