The Oddessa File Review

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Freelance journalist Peter Miller investigates the sighting of a comcentration camp commander. He eventually finds himself involved in a powerful group of former SS members and discovers a shocking link with his own family.


Journo Jon Voigt discovers that Germany is still more or less run by Nazi war criminals, after reading the diary of a jewish prisoner of war who committed suicide, and sets out to expose butchering Maximillian Schell for the jackbooted bastard he is.

The adaption of Frederick Forsyth's less successful follow-up to The Day Of The Jackal, which is essentially a bloated rerun of all those 1948 Dick Powell quickies about two-fisted heroes tracking down leftover Nazis. Voigt and Schell give genuine performances, but British bore Ronald Neame in the director's chair just lets it drag on and on.

Genuinely good turns from Voigt and Snell but the picture is brought to a grinding halt by the man at the helm.