The Nightmare Before Christmas-3D Review

Image for The Nightmare Before Christmas-3D

Bored with his lot Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town, decides to take over Christmas Town, kidnapping Santa Claus and giving Xmas a Halloweeny make-over.


It is a scientific fact that any film is improved by 16 per cent when viewed in 3-D (except Dogme). For fans of Tim Burton’s stop-motion musical, it adds both a literal and figurative dimension to the experience.

The layered effect (this is deep 3-D, rather than the ‘jump out of the screen and sit on your lap’ variety) brings out detail in the puppets and illuminates background elements, giving the film a sense of grandeur befitting its operatic structure. Stop-motion is never going to be as slick as computer animation, but that’s its charm. And now that charm comes with funny glasses.

Bigger, Better and with more dimensions...

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