Zombie Thriller Gatekeeper Gets A Cast

Perlman in US Shaun of the Dead?

A new zombie thriller called Gatekeeper has landed an '80s-tastic cast, with Back to the Future's Lea Thompson, Beverly Hills Cop's Judge Reinhold and Beauty and the Beast's Ron Perlman. It will also star Brick's Matt O'Leary and Click's Jana Kramer, who may not have starred in '80s classics but who were both born in the '80s.

We're told that the film is a zombie thriller, which producer Stephen Emery says will be "in the vein of 'Shaun of the Dead' for American audiences" - a laudable aim, at least. We're told that "a simple mistake" leaves three friends to defend their town from a zombie outbreak, in a script written and set to be directed by Isaac Meisenheimer.

There's no word on a release date for this yet, but we'd expect to see it sometime next year. Fingers crossed it manages to match the smarts, the scares and the funny of Shaun.

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