Yogi Bear Poster Online

Life's a pic-a-nic. Apparently...

If the original, Hanna-Barbera version of Yogi Bear wandered up to us and attempted to half-inch our lunch, we might be mildly amused, if vaguely disturbed that a cartoon creation was existing in the real world. However, if the new, 3D CG take on Yogi approached us, we’d probably scream in terror and run for the hills, then remember that bears often prowl hills, and run for the nearest safe shelter. Because while he might be aimed at kids, the new look of the famous ‘toon is downright terrifying.

Of course, it’s a little pre-emptive to judge from just a teaser poster, arriving courtesy of Yahoo, but we’re promised a full look at Yogi in action (with Dan Aykroyd providing his vocals) in a few hours when the trailer ambles in. For now though, we’ll go with sheer horror.

The film, which Eric Brevig is directing, finds our hero’s habitat under threat when money-grubbing Mayor Brown decides to shut the floundering Jellystone Park down. Which means Yogi and pint-sized sidekick Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake) have to forge an alliance with the endlessly frustrated Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanaugh) to save the place from closing.

The movie arrives February 11 next year. The trailer will arrive shortly. Don’t look him in the eyes…

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