X-Men Origins Wolverine Pics

New character shots online

It's a big day for those of us looking forward to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not only is the trailer (at least the proper, full-size trailer) due later today, but there are six rather spiffing new character shots on USA Today to tide you over.

These pictures show Wolvie himself (Hugh "I've sung with Beyonce, y'know" Jackman); Victor Creed (Liev "Spellcheck Nemesis" Schreiber); Kayla Silverfox (Lynn "married to that dude from 10,000BC" Collins); Gambit (Taylor "Friday Night Lights" Kitsch); Deadpool (Ryan "My wife is hotter than your wife" Reynolds) and John Wraith (Will.i.am, whose name has no room for interruptions).

X-Men Origins Wolverine Character Pics
Click the image above to view all the character images on USAToday.com

The film is out here on April 29, but we'll be back later today with the full second trailer.