The Saint Will Return. Again.

Travis Wright is on script duty

The last time Simon Templar – AKA The Saint – was seen on cinema screens, the avenging angel was played by Val Kilmer and didn’t exactly spawn a franchise (despite doing decent, if unspectacular business at the box office). Now someone has decided they want to try to bring him back, with RKO Pictures hiring Eagle Eye writer Travis Wright to begin crafting a script.

For those who never saw the Kilmer film or the Roger Moore-starring ‘60s TV series, Templar is a sort of charming Robin Hood type, a man who uses unorthodox (and skirting the edge of illegal) methods to take down corrupt politicians, businessmen and other wrong ‘uns. The character originated in writer Leslie Charteris’ book series, which kicked off in 1928 with Enter The Tiger.

RKO owns the rights to several of the original Saint films – The Saint In New York arrived in 1938, which led to more than one follow-up. There was also another TV version, Return Of The Saint, which flared briefly in 1978.

Now the company is hoping that a trilogy might result from putting the hero back in action, albeit with a new face and a new writer pounding the keys. He’ll have to compete in an even more crowded marketplace these days, what with your Ethan Hunts and Jason Bournes around. And the new movie will need an actor. Kilmer, put your hand down!