Robert Rodat Re-Writing Thor 2

Saving Private Ryan scribe off to Asgard

Now that Thor 2 has finally found a director in Game Of Thrones workhorse Alan Taylor (who is busy stapling his trousers to the folding chair so he can’t be dumped off the project), it would appear that Marvel is bringing in a big gun to re-write the script, with Robert Rodat as the man for the job.

Rodat, of course, is probably still best known for scripting Saving Private Ryan and scoring an Oscar nomination for his work. But he also has credits on films such as Fly Away Home and The Patriot. More recently, he created and oversaw alien invasion TV drama Falling Skies.

While Don Payne, one of the original Thor writers, has already cranked out at least one draft, Marvel always ends up bringing in new writers to take a look, whether credited (as with Rodat) or just for some quiet polishing.

The sequel has a release date already set for over here, with the studio targeting November 15, 2013. It’ll kick off shooting later this year with Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman and, since he talked about it in this week’s web chat, Tom Hiddleston returning.