Pegg And Wright Working On A New Film

They even have a title...

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How's this for a slice of fried gold? Despite the beloved Cornetto Trilogy having drawn to a close with The World's End, Simon Pegg has revealed that he and Edgar Wright are collaborating once more: "Edgar and I were having a conversation the other day about it, and it has a title and everything. We're kind of into a creative cycle now."

Pegg revealed the mysterious project in an interview on BBC 6 Music, but was careful not to reveal too many details, probably because he knows how much we'll all pester him for news once the title is out there. Acknowledging that they are both busy men (with or without Ant-Man), he is nonetheless confident that it's going to happen. "The coming-together thing is without question on the table and will happen when we can do it."

More intriguing still is the suggestion that this might be the first installment of a new (loose) trilogy. Pegg pointed out that, "We made three films in ten years and hopefully in the next decade we'll make another three. I really love working with those guys and I wouldn't ever not want to work with them. It's not even a question." Three Flavours Magnum Trilogy, anyone?

While we're on the topic of all things Blood and Ice Cream, Pegg also tweeted further tantalising news: the return of Shaun Of The Dead's best buddies and ace zombie slayers Shaun (Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost). Specifically, Pegg and Frost will be reprising their roles for the Halloween special of the Disney channel's hit animated series Phineas And Ferb.

Here’s news, @nickjfrost and myself will be once again stepping into Shaun and Ed’s shoes for the #PhineasAndFerb Halloween special. W00t!!

— Simon Pegg (@simonpegg) August 18, 2014

The show itself has form in pop culture appropriation, having previously featured Star Wars characters, Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk. No word yet on whether we'll see one-armed zombies being killed with glass ashtrays, but fingers crossed.