New Valkyrie Trailer Online

Tick, tick, tick... boom?

The conspiratorial whispers that have surrounded the release date of Bryan Singer's much-delayed Hitler assassination plot flick, Valkyrie, may not have been completely hushed but they can at least be momentarily drowned out by the cracking new trailer.

Dogged by on-set accidents, film stock destruction and protests against star Tom Cruise's suitability for his real-life role, Valkyrie has, to be frank, been a bit of a mare to complete. But now with a UK release date due early next year and the latest footage depicting a tense thriller with all manner of explosions, sweaty palms and ticking clocks, it seems the wait may well have been worth it.

In the movie, Cruise plays Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, an aristo German officer who planned to plant a bomb in Hitler's bunker in the infamous "July 20 Plot".

The brand new trailer, which will be attatched to Spike Lee's own WW2 movie Miracle At St. Anna, is being hosted over at Yahoo Movies. Click here to take a look.