New Issue Of The Gotham Times

Dark Knight viral campaign continues

The Harvey Dent strand of the Dark Knight viral campaign is rolling along nicely and The Gotham Times website has now updated with a new issue. See it here.

The headline reads "Harvey Dent Joins Race For Gotham DA". We haven't read all four pages of the paper yet, but the main article talks of Dent's (Aaron Eckhart) rivalry with another candidate named Roger Garcetti. We don't remember anyone of this name from the first film (are we wrong?) and he's not mentioned in the IMDb cast list for the new film (if you Google his name the first thing you get is this site). There's a photo of him further down the front page. A pie chart on the story has Garcetti just ahead of Dent in public polls, so he may figure strongly in the film. Forgive us if we're missing anything from ye olde Batman lore, but we don't believe this is a character from the comic books.

Elsewhere in the paper are stories on Batman stopping a gang; suggestions of public opinion turning against the caped crusader; news of nine people breaking out of Arkham Asylum (including The Joker?); something on Mob widows and an ad for St. Swithun's Church. There are also new pics of Batman and Commissoner Gordon.

We're going to try and have a read through the full thing tonight to see if there are any drivers to anywhere else, as there were in the previous issue. But, please, as ever, if you find something first, post it in the comments and we'll add any updates to the story.