New Iron Man TV Spot

A little bit more from the metal one

There's an Iron Man TV spot doing the rounds on the interwebs today that nobody can absolutely identify as new (we found it via JoBlo, who found it via The Movie Blog - it may go all the way back to the President). Well, it's the first time we've seen it, so if you haven't laid eyes on it before, it's new. If you've seen it before then it's just cool and well done you for being so ahead of the curve. You can see it below.

Iron Man TV Spot
There's not a great deal of unseen footage in this, but there's a bit more flying about (also falling) and a little character moment with Robert Downey Jr and Gyneth Paltrow. This film still looks brilliant. If this isn't in the top 5 films of the summer then we'll...well, we won't really do anything, if we're honest. We'll just sigh a bit.