New American Psycho Developing

Patrick Bateman getting an update?

Though the book was only last adapted back in 2000, Lionsgate has decided that what it really needs to do is craft another take on American Psycho.

You’ll likely recall that director Mary Harron was behind that version of Bret Easton Ellis’ satirical novel, which saw Christian Bale deliver a killer (fnarr) performance as Patrick Bateman, an investment banker whose smooth corporate surface belied a boiling cauldron of hate and violence which spewed over at night as he kills colleagues and call girls*.

Noble Jones, a rising star of ads and music video directing gigs (and a protégé of David Fincher who shot second unit on The Social Network) has pitched an idea to the studio that would switch the setting from Bateman’s original ‘80s Manhattan milieu to modern-day Noo Yoik.

Jones has apparently now turned in a finished script and is waiting to see if Lionsgate gives the go-ahead. While we’re really not certain the world needs another version of the story (and it already spawned a much less effective sequel), Jones does at least warrant some interest given his links to Fincher. And who knows? Maybe there really is something to say about the financial situation through Bateman’s ways in these post-Crash times?

*Or does he? Etc.