Naomi Watts Joins Dream House

Along with Daniel Craig

It's been a whole five minutes since Brothers came out, but Jim Sheridan's already well under way in developing his next film, Dream House. Daniel Craig's already set to star, and now Naomi Watts has joined him in what's described as a psychological thriller.

Craig is already onboard to play the father of a family who move to their perfect home in a small Connecticut town. Once there, however, they are disturbed to learn that the previous inhabitants were all slaughtered, apart from the father of the family who was found guilty of the crimes.

Watts would play a neighbour in all of this, hopefully in a role involving tics, significant dark looks and an air of cheery creepiness.

Production begins in Toronto in February, which gives Watts plenty of time to chill out after the excitement of Sundance, where she's currently launching Mother and Child.