Metal Gear Solid Movie Announced

Avi Avad reveals a new game adaptation

Fans of Metal Gear Solid – and the ongoing saga that is Metal Gear Solid's film adaptation – have reason to celebrate today, as super producer Avi Arad brings glad tidings about Solid Snake's possible big screen appearance.

Speaking at Metal Gear's 25th anniversary party in Tokyo recently, series creator Hideo Kojima revealed that not only is the film version back in the works, but the man behind the Spider-Man movie franchise(s), Arad himself, will be producing.

This means that Arad – who you can hear on our special Amazing Spider-Man spoiler podcast – has three game adaptations on the go, with Naughty Dog's Uncharted series and Sucker Punch's Infamous franchise also ticking along.

Previous attempts at taking the stealth-based action game of spies, snakes and strangely inconspicuous boxes have crashed and burned – Mike De Luca was the last to give it a try back in 2008, but that was given the kibosh in early 2010.

With its Sony/Playstation affliations, the studio in charge remains just as you'd expect (that's Universal Sony, by the way) but the plot has not been even alluded to as yet. If it takes after its cutscene-heavy source, there'll be plenty of chatter inbetween all the tactical espionage action.

The question now is... who do you see playing Solid Snake? And who should direct? Kojima fancies Christopher Nolan – though he might be a touch busy these days.