Mark Wahlberg Offered The Crow?

He's been approached for the remake

Ladies, look at a picture of The Crow. Now look at Mark Wahlberg. Now back at The Crow. Now back at Wahlberg. We won’t, however ask you to smell anything: just to ponder the idea that the producers behind Steven Norrington’s reboot of the gothic avenger character are apparently offering the lead role to Wahlberg.

This is one casting offer that definitely had our eyebrows doing the confused lift fandango. Nothing against Wahlberg himself – he’s proved his chops both dramatically and comedically – but he just doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you picture the haunted hero originally, and most memorably, brought to life on screen by the late Brandon Lee.

But perhaps that’s the big idea here. After all, producer Edward R Pressman has promised “a very different visual idea for the new film," which Norrington is planning to direct from the script that Nick Cave has been busy polishing up.

Other planned changes include beefing up the role of the Crow’s guide/sidekick bird, which was largely relegated to an atmospheric touch or totem in the original film.

While this news is still officially floating around as a rumour, we’re throwing it open to you: assuming you want a remake of The Crow, would Wahlberg be on your mind for the lead? And if not, who’s your pick?