Luc Besson Plans Taken TV Prequel

How Bryan got his skill set


As anyone who has watched one of the Taken films will know, Bryan Mills, played in the series by Liam Neeson, is most famous for his particular set of skills. If you ever wondered how he got them – and didn’t immediately answer, “he was an army ranger and in special forces, so he probably picked them up there?” – you’ll be overjoyed to learn that Luc Besson intends to produce a prequel TV show about that very topic.

Yes, US network NBC has handed Besson, his EuropaCorp company and Universal TV a straight-to-series order for a concept that will see Bryan as a young man – sans wife and child – going on missions and picking up those very skills. Quite why it will be called Taken is beyond us, unless the first episode involves him investigating who stole his first car. And lest you think they’ll have to shell out to make this a period piece, the plan is to forget the films’ setting and have young Mills running around in the present day. Does no one respect narrative continuity anymore?

The next step is to find a writer/producer who can run the show and get this puppy motoring. So... yeah, Hannibal fans, the network ditched it for this.