Lillard May Have Trouble With The Curve

In talks for the Clint Eastwood drama

Trouble With The Curve, the directorial debut of Clint Eastwood’s producer partner Robert Lorenz, has been slowly building its cast since it was announced late last year. It already has Eastwood in the lead and Amy Adams in place to play his daughter. Now Warner Bros. is close to locking in Matthew Lillard and a newcomer, Joe Massingill, to join them.

Curve finds Eastwood as an aging, ailing baseball scout whose vision is failing him. Intent on making one last recruiting trip to Atlanta, he uses the opportunity to take his daughter along in the hopes that they’ll reconnect.

Lillard, who won plaudits for his performance in The Descendants, is now in talks to play a rival scout in the film, but The Wrap was unable to dig up details of what Massingill will be playing, assuming he 's picked. His credits include small parts in shows such as Zeke And Luther, Courage, New Hampshire and Glee. He’s also got a couple of short films on his CV. But this year could see him sharing the screen with Eastwood… No pressure, then.