A Knight Rider Tale

Classic telly rights optioned

Knight Rider: The Movie, anyone? Oh yes! It’s back in play. With Hollywood’s remake cow ever on the lookout for old TV shows to churn through its production stomach, it was inevitable that this title would crop back up.

After years in development and any number of different versions planned (including by former series star David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff, the rights have been picked up by The Weinstein Company from creator Glen A Larson.

For anyone too young to remember the original (there are DVDs out, people, what’s taking you so long!) the show featured The Hoff as Michael Long, a cop shot down in the line of duty. He’s cared for by millionaire Michael Knight, who gives him a completely new face and renames the bloke after himself. The newly revitalised Michael Knight is partnered up with a cynical, talking turbo-powered bullet-proof car called KITT. Together this unlikely pair solves crimes and offers The Hoff many, many chances to chat up pretty ladies and show his disturbing chest hair.

Hasselhoff mostly tends to make memorable cameos these days – he cropped up in Dodgeball and was hilarious spoofing himself in SpongeBob SquarePants. Following this summer’s Adam Sandler movie Click, surely there’s wisdom in getting him involved with Knight Rider. Even if it’s just the grouchy older character who mentors our hero? Come one Weinsteins: justice for The Hoff!