Julie Benz To Star In Saw V

Yes, there's going to be a Saw V

Julie Benz (Angel, Rambo) has signed to star in Saw V. The fifth film in the franchise that won't quit is being directed by David Hackl. Hackl's claim to fame so far? He was the production designer on the second, third and fourth films.

Saw V went into production last week and is released on October 24. If you don't want there to be a Saw VI, then please spend that day using something shiny to distract people who look they might be heading to see it. Then it might not make money.

In other news that's neither here nor there, this weekend Step Up 2: The Streets became the most successful dance film in UK history, beating both that one with Julia Stiles and Bruce Forsyth In Plenty O' Ballroom.