Jeunet And Portman For Snow White?

That's the rumour...

This is another one of those Hollywood Cog rumours, so don't take it as gospel quite yet. But Pajiba are reporting that the Brett Ratner-produced Brothers Grimm: Snow White has attracted the attention of both Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Natalie Portman.

There are a few of these "dark fairy tales" in the works at the moment (see for example Hansel and Gretal: Witch Hunters that may have picked up Noomi Rapace and Jeremy Renner, or Ron Howards's projected adaptation of the Legends comic: a sort of fairytale LXG) but Jeunet's potential involvement does grab our attention for this one. The director has arguably been making fairytales his entire career, so an "edgy" version of Snow White combined with his strangely dark whimsy would seem like a very good fit. Plus, it'd be the first time he's worked in Hollywood since Alien: Resurrection.

Portman as a slutty Snow White on the other hand, while the stuff of some private fantasies, is more of a curveball. It does however chime with her reported interest in a mooted adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, directed by David O Russell. Maybe Portman is in the mood for a daft historical fantasy if the right director is at the helm? With all currently very quiet on the P&P&Z front, could Snow White, pending Jeunet's signing, be in her sights as an alternative?

All pure speculation at this point. And nobody's yet mentioning the Brothers Grimm part of the title, which is new to us. What's that about? An attempt to attract Terry Gilliam fans? Because it looks like an umbrella title for a franchise... Next up, Brothers Grimm: Donkey Cabbages.

Melissa Wallack has written the script, which, obviously, is headed for a 3D realisation. No start-date yet.

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