Jacob's Ladder On The Remake Rung

Midnight Meat Train's Jeff Buhler on script duty

Jabob's Ladder

1991’s Jacob’s Ladde**r** saw Tim Robbins as a Vietnam War vet whose life spiralled out of control when he suffers increasingly weird hallucinations and attempts to figure out what’s happening. Well, now someone new will be trying to stop their world spinning, because LD Entertainment wants to re-imagine the film.

It’s not planned as a straight remake, but rather a new take on the tale that should function as an homage, with a story set in the present day that explores similar issues – updated to the post-Gulf situation? – with new characters.

Midnight Meat Train man Jeff Buhler is aboard to write the script, working from an earlier draft from When A Stranger Calls’ Jake Wall.

Whether any new take on the story can match the original from Bruce Joel Robinson and director Adrian Lyne is another matter, particularly since that movie remains a cult favourite thanks to its twisty nature. Either way, the LD team are now looking to find a director to take on the job. Hope whoever scores the assignment is ready for a barrage of “why another remake?” questions, no matter how different they try to make it…