Jack Huston Confirmed As The New Crow

That's so Draven


Last month, Jack Huston was revealed to be in talks to play The Crow's Eric Draven, but nothing official was announced. Now, however, the ink has dried on the contracts, the hands have been shaken and Huston can start digging into how he’ll play the tragic hero of The Crow for director Corin Hardy.

Hardy was hired as the latest man to call the shots back in December, and it appears that the film is finally back on track after a tortuous spell in development limbo, with a shoot pencilled in for this spring. Claire Wilson is currently on writing duties for the screenplay, which, like Alex Proyas’ 1994 take, adapts James O’Barr’s tale of Draven, a musician murdered by criminals before being brought back from the land of the dead by a mysterious, mystical crow to get revenge against those who wronged him and his fiancée. And according to recent statements by O’Barr (who also began announcing that Huston was set for the role before the final deal was sealed), it will hew more closely to his original graphic novel.

Before he can don Draven’s duds, Huston will have to finish up work on Timur Bekmambetov’s new take on Ben-Hur. He’ll next be seen in The Longest Ride, the latest adaptation to trundle off the Nicholas Sparks book-to-film factory floor (due here June 19) and Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, which arrives in the UK later this year. As for the film that helped score Hardy the directing job, we'll be saying hello to The Hallow on June 26.

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