Indiana Jones & The Boffo Box Office

Indy IV bows with over $300 million

After 19 years away, we'd all expected quite a few people to turn out for the return of Indiana Jones, and the opening weekend numbers were every bit as enormous as expected.

Over a five day period, the film took $151.1 million in the US and $160 million in the rest of the world, giving it a total haul of $311.1 million. As US opening weekends go that currently puts it at tenth biggest of all time (that is taking into account only Friday, Saturday and Sunday numbers) and the fifth biggest five-day opening.

Despite Indy hoovering up most of the box office dollars, there was still a decent amount of spare cash left over for the rest of the week's films. Prince Caspian took a big hit, dropping 58.2%, but still held well considering the competition, adding $23 million to put it at $91.1 million in two weeks. Iron Man continues to do amazing business, adding $20.1 million in its fourth week. It's now at $252.3 million and easily the biggest of the year so far. It will be interesting to see how its final numbers compare with Indy's. Whichever film proves bigger Paramount, which released both, will be delighted with its summer success.

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