Hunger Games Tops US Box Office Again

American Reunion lands second

After slaying all comers with whatever weaponry came to hand in a battle to the death, The Hunger Games is still atop the charts, earning an estimated $33.5 million this weekend, pushing its US total to a hugely impressive $302.8 million so far. Just for context, that's higher than all the Twilight movies to date and all but two Harry Potters. Its eventual total is likely to be higher than The Two Towers and Alice In Wonderland as well.

Neither of this weekend’s challengers could match it, though one of them probably isn’t all that worried, given how much it made when it was first released. Second place went to American Reunion, which had hoped to ride a wave of affection for the original movie by reuniting the entire cast. The nostalgia gambit could only wrangle up $21.5 million: not bad, but no cigar. Titanic sailed back into cinemas with a gleaming new 3D conversion paintjob, docking at third with $17.3 million and $25.7 million so far in its re-release. James Cameron will likely be happy with that, even if it is just a drop in the ocean compared to the movie’s worldwide take over the years.

Wrath Of The Titans fell from second to fourth place, earning $15 million, while Mirror Mirror was down to fifth and $11 million. 21 Jump Street took sixth with $10.2 million, and Dr Seuss’ The Lorax slipped to seventh, making $5 million.

After that, the earnings drop off precipitously, with Salmon Fishing In The Yemen making $975,000 for eighth place and John Carter making do with $820,000 at ninth. There was a surprise at 10th, with Safe House nipping back from 12th with $581,000.

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