Gareth Edwards Grabs Godzilla

From Monsters to monster project...

If you need proof that sometimes, just sometimes, hard work, piles of creativity and being a thoroughly decent human being can actually get you ahead in Hollywood, word arrives from Variety that Monsters director Gareth Edwards has scored the job of bringing Warner Bros.' take on Godzilla to the big screen.

While Warners and production partners Legendary Pictures have made splashy announcements about the deal with Japan’s Toho studios to make a new attempt at the city-crushing beast, there hasn’t been that much movement behind the camera, despite a planned 2012 release date.

David Callaham, who wrote Doom and last year’s The Expendables, has been working on a script, but it’s now going to be Edwards’ job to rewrite that screenplay and get the film ready for a summer release.

Godzilla is the beast that (in)famously tripped up Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin back in 1998, with their bloated, unfocused stab at the character resulting in Toho specifically killing off that version.

Edwards’ hiring points towards Warners’ original plan to draw inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s reboot of Batman, and hiring a clearly talented British director is likely a sensible step. We have our fingers crossed for the Monsters man with the hopes that he’ll pull off something fun. And full of other beasts for Gojira to fight…