First Look At Speed Racer

8 pics from the Wachowskis' next

USA Today has scored the first eight pictures from Speed Racer, the next movie from the Wachowski brothers. Click the image below for the full gallery.

We think the look of this film is really going to divide people. The brothers have really gone for a cartoon look in adapting the cult anime. Seriously, this is bright. Do not view if you have any kind of hangover. This is a family film, so the look may prove to be the perfect choice for conveying simple family fun. But could it risk turning off the Matrix audience who will be so anticipating it?
First Look At Speed Racer
Also, we must apologise for the fact that the images here suggest that there were clearly crossed wires when Emile Hirsch told us that the movie would shoot all on green screen. There are obviously sets present.

So, how do you feel about the Speed Racer look?