First Evil Dead Remake Poster Online

Get ready for terror

Clearly channelling the spirit and attitude of Bruce Campbell – who never knowingly resists the chance for some fun hyperbole – the marketing team behind the new take on Evil Dead is making sure the poster arrives with a big and bold claim. Check it out.

Given everything we’ve seen of the movie so far, it has a shot at living up to that claim, though the proof will be in the blood pudding. Plus it's a nice wink to the original's tagline, "The Ultimate Experience In Gruelling Terror." Coincidentally, that's also what we like to call work experice at Empire.

This time around, director Fede Alvarez (overseen by Evil Dead godfathers Campbell and Sam Raimi) is putting a group of teens through their demonic paces. When five twenty-something friends hole up in a remote cabin to help Mia (Jane Levy) maintain her sobriety, they discover its dark secrets.

Chief among those secrets is the Necronomicon and, when its terrible power is unleashed, they all fall victim to the forces of evil. Well, they’d have to, or else the film would be called Cabin In The Wo... Wait, no. That's taken. Cabin Fev... Darn it!

We’ll get to see the finished product on screen when it hits April 19. Meanwhile, check out the latest gory trailer below.