Double Dose of Piranha 3DD Posters

So that's DDDD?

Not so long ago, there was a fun horror remake in which many people in swimwear were messily devoured by dreadful spindly killer fish. Now, we're about to return to the water for Piranha 3DD, for which two posters have just arrived. They emphasise the swimwear rather than the killing.

Piranha 3DD Poster

Piranha 3DD Poster

Hmmm... What to say on a sophisticated movie website without sounding sexist and juvenile and pathetic? Ah, we have it... BOOBS! The last film's posters took to homaging famous film posters of yesteryear, and while we hesitate to admit this knowledge, we can't help but be reminded, by the white costume and the shades, of Police Academy 3.

Ahem, normal service resumed. If you've not yet checked out the trailer, we'd say now's the time, if only to assure yourselves that there's more to Piranha 3DD than mammary glands. Not much more, admittedly, but there's some David Hasselhoff action, some Gary Busey madness, and the amusing returns both of Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames, who was looking somewhat the worse for wear last time we saw him at the end of the first movie, but appears to have coped.

The film also stars 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden, and is directed by John Gulager, who replaces Alex Aja from last time. It's out in the UK on May 11.