Brian Taylor Finds Twisted Metal

He'll direct the video game adaptation

We knew it could happen one day, but we didn’t know exactly when. But the psychotic, symbiotic organism that is Neveldine Taylor (aka Crank duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor) has torn itself apart and released Taylor dripping vital fluids to strike out on his own for a film. He’s just locked in a deal with Sony to write and direct a movie based on video game Twisted Metal.

The game, which not so coincidentally also happens to be a Sony property, is one of the best-selling titles. It features a Death Race-style underground tournament where warriors in pimped out cars compete and fight to the death. It’s all run by a guy named Calypso, who has a driving (pun intended) obsession with the human condition and wants to explore such ideas as what makes peaceful men turn violent and who is willing to do what to walk away with their bodies intact.

Among the drivers are Sweet Tooth, a homicidal clown piloting an ice cream truck and Doll Face, a masked young woman who steers a huge truck. So pretty much firmly in Taylor’s wheelhouse, then. Especially given that twisted metal is usually what remains when he and his regular cohort finish shooting.

Talking of, before Crank heads start panicking, we doubt this means the end for the prime chaos of Neveldine & Taylor working together. The pair is ready to unleash Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance both here and across the pond on Friday and they've been talking up the idea of a sequel if it’s a success. Plus, there are plenty of other joint ideas bubbling about in their crazed craniums…