Bourne Legacy Trailer Blasts Online

Welcome to the program!

If it looks like a Bourne movie, moves like a Bourne movie and has Joan Allen in it, it's a Bourne movie, right? That's the theory, and with Jeremy Renner promising a similarly hyperkinetic action experience to the Greengrass/Liman films, hopes are high for The Bourne Legacy to maintain the franchise's vaunted standards.

As no-one at Treadstone likes saying, all will be revealed. If the jury's still out at this point, today's first-look trailer promises all the slugs of post-9/11 moral ambiguity and pulse-busting action we've come to expect.

brightcove.createExperiences();The trailer picks up with a bruised and battered Aaron Cross (Renner) emerging from his black-ops training to be shepherded into the shadier ranks of the CIA. What do we learn? Well, firstly that he's an "outcome agent", and secondly that he's viewed as less of a loose cannon than his illustrious colleague: "Treadstone without the inconsistency" as one apparatchik puts it.

Presumably the first one means he does the CIA's dirty work and the second that he'll kill a man with a pencil and return the pencil to Treadstone's stationery cupboard afterwards. Beyond that, there are scant details on how close to the formula this one sticks - and we're kinda happy about that.

Just to round off a big Bourne day, there's a new one-sheet for the film too. We're not sure what all the shutter-like design work is about but it does give us the chance to make this shocking play on the word "blinding".The Bourne Legacy will be slamming onto our screens on August 15.