Back To The Bible?

Kevin Smith ponders Dogma 2

Kevin Smith, never a man to shy away from questions posed by fans, has giving some thought to a sequel to Dogma, his controversial 1999 religion-com.

When asked on his website about the possibility of a follow-up, he had this to say, in typically salty Smith-speak:

“Ever since 9/11, I have been thinking about a sequel of sorts. I mean, the worst terrorist attack on American soil was religiously bent. In the wake of said attack, the leader of the "Free World" outed himself as pretty damned Christian. In the last election, rather than a quagmire war abroad, the big issue was whether or not gay marriage was moral.

“Back when I made Dogma, I always maintained that another movie about religion wouldn't be forthcoming, as it was the product of 28 years of religious and spiritual meditation, and I'd kinda shot my wad on the subject. Now? I think I might have more to say. And, yes - the Last Scion would be at the epicentre of it. And she'd have to be played by Alanis Morissette (Who played God in Dogma). And we'd need a bigger budget - because the entire third act would be the Apocalypse.

“Scary thing is this: the film would have to touch on Islam. And unlike the Catholic League, when those cats don't like what you do, they issue a death warrant on yer ass (see Rushdie). And now that I've got a family, I'm not as free to stir the shit-pot as I was when I was single, back when I made Dogma.

But regardless - yeah, a Dogma follow-up's been swimming around in my head for some time now…”

It remains to be seen if he actually goes through with it, but considering he’s just finished shooting a sequel to Clerks, it can’t be considered impossible…

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