Avengers Comic-Con Teaser Online

Sam Jackson does his narrator thang

Good grief… Just look at how Mark Ruffalo acts as Bruce Banner! And Jeremy Renner in full Hawkeye getup! And who could ever believe Joss Whedon managed to pull off that amazing single tracking shot through the entire solar system to… Made you look! The teaser that sits below, is, of course, full of none of those things. But it is the “footage” that Marvel showed off at Comic-Con right before it brought out the Avengers cast.

No, it’s not an unofficial leak (Imaginary Forces, the company that created the animation, along with the movie logos for both Marvel and DC, released it); it’s a proper copy. But if you really were expecting something amazing before a single frame of the film has been shot? Then we’ve got some magic beans you might be interested in swapping for a cow.

Still, as a way to whip up interest, and featuring Samuel L Jackson doing his best Dramatic Voiceover work as Nick Fury, it was enough to get the Comic-Con Hall H crowd cheering.

Of course, to get the full effect, you really have to cue up 6,5000 screaming people and the cast plus Whedon to walk out in front of your computer once you’re finished watching it. But you can always put this on instead….

We'll see The Avengers, assuming all goes well, on May 4, 2012.