Adrien Brody Joins Predators

Topher Grace also in talks to star

Well nobody saw this coming. The star of Nimrod Antal's Predators is not a Rock or a Vin or an undiscovered new Arnie. It's the willowy Adrien Brody. Who would've thunk it?

We have, of course, seen Brody hacking through the jungle before, as Jack Driscoll in Peter Jackson's King Kong. But he's still best known for dramatic roles in films like Polanski's The Pianist, or quirky indie fare like Hollywoodland and The Darjeeling Ltd.

He's clearly looking to add some more mainstream strings to his bow however, since Brody and his agents apparently lobbied hard to get the role of "a heroic mercenary who battles to keep his team alive when its members are hunted by the aliens". Is "heroic mercenary" an oxymoron? Discuss.

That team also includes Danny Trejo, Alice Braga (I Am Legend), Walton Goggins (Detective Vendrell from The Shield), Ultimate Fighter Oleg Taktarov, and Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, who was Tizzy in Benjamin Button.

Brody has also signed up for sequels. He isn't the first surprise leading man of the Predator franchise: we probably wouldn't have predicted Danny Glover back in 1990 either.

Shooting will tale place in Hawaii and Texas, and starts shortly. So are we ready for Action Adrien? Your thoughts below.

Update: Equally unlikely action hero Topher Grace is also in talks to join the cast, according to The Hollywood Reporter. What is going on???

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