A New York Winter’s Tale Review

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1916, Noo Yawk. A petty crim (Farrell) fights to keep a dying girl's (Findlay) hope alive in the face of a devilish cad (Crowe) and the vagaries of fate.


Likable petty thief Peter Lake (Colin Farrell) seeks to save dying Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay) after breaking into her house on the run from demonic crime lord Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). Low on actual wonder, high on mawkishness, Akiva Goldsman’s bland mishmash of fable tropes is a bizarre mix of elements: a know-it-all flying horse, lots of guff about lights and stars and miracles, a one-note Crowe head-butting anything that moves, an A-list star as Lucifer, a risible modern-day third act. It scores points for nice craft and Farrell’s charm, but follow your destiny and miss it.

Corny and shakily plotted, it's a disappointing directorial debut from Goldsman.