New Town Killers Review

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When successful young bankers Alistair and Jamie offer cash to desperate down-and-out teenager, Sean, to hunt him odwn for one night, he doesn't really know what he's let himself in for.


Like the paranoia danny Boyle cast over Edinburgh in Shallow Grave, so Richard Jobson transforms the city into a run of traps and dead-ends. In order to save his debt-ridden sister, teenager Sean agrees a wager with two well-heeled strangers, Alistair (a terrifyingly restless Dougray Scott) and Jamie (Alastair Mackenzie), who offer him money to bail her out if he can avoid their clutches for one night.

From then on it’s the haves preying on the have-nots in a tense race towards morning. More searing thriller than social commentary, Jobson maintains the breakneck pace until the sun breaks over a sepia-tinted Auld Reekie.

Genuinely thrilling urban chase. The tension just keeps ratcheting up.

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