My Name Is Bruce Review

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A small town in Oregon mistakes Bruce Campbell (playing Bruce Campbell, keep up) for his character in Evil Dead and beg him to help them with their little Chinese God of War monster problem.


Given a career spent as a nearly-man, you could be forgiven for thinking that Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell would have become a bitter old drunk by now. And that’s exactly the persona that Campbell deconstructs in this riff on Seven Samurai, in which he is recruited by a small town to fight a troublesome Chinese god, in the mistaken belief that he’s a real-life action hero.

You’d think that all those years hanging out with Sam Raimi would have rubbed off on him, but Campbelldoesn’t cut it as a director, turning in a clumsy comedy-horror, packed with gags both racist and creaking, that squeaks through on the force of his personality alone. For Deadheads only.

Doesn't really cut it as a horror or a comedy despite Campbell's undeniable charm.