Nails Review

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Kinky L.A. cop Harry "Nails" Niles is down on his luck. He's just been kicked off the force and of his marital bed. Things get worse when he stumbles into a bizarre drug ring involving his wife and his former boss.


Pretty typical video-action fodder, with a hard-bitten and unconventional cop avenging the death of his partner by taking his war on drug-dealers out into the streets.

It would be unexceptional were it not for the hyper-energetic performance of Dennis Hopper — hardly the most convincing advocate of the "just say no" philosophy — as the Dirty Harry knock-off, who forces his wife (Anne Archer) to dress up like a hooker and coo over his handcuffs, and enjoys brutalising minor thugs with dialogue like "I'll rip off your head, shit in it and see how long it takes you to find it".

Unsurprising plot-wise, but with some bursts of action well-orchestrated by specialist John Flynn (Bestseller, Lock-Up, Out For Justice) and full of relishable Hopper-headedness.