How To Murder Your Wife Review

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A bachelor cartoonist (Lemmon) awakes from his friend stag party to find himself married to a girl who speaks no English. He struggles with the alterations to his life - even his comic about a secret agent becomes about domesticity. Until he writes in the murder of the housewife. Soon after, his own wife disappears, and the comic is used as evidence...


Despite changes to the rules of engagement, the battle of the sexes continues to rage, and Richard Quine's dark comedy could easily be remade from the female perspective. So while accusations of political incorrectness could be levelled at this story of a confirmed bachelor who uses his comic-strip to vent his resentment at marrying while drunk, this remains more a study of male folly than misogyny.

Jack Lemmon is typically harassed as the reluctant groom who finds himself on trial, but it's Terry-Thomas' disapproving valet and Eddie Mayehoff's unsympathetic lawyer who steal the show.

Despite the title it's lighthearted, moves alove breezily and the cast are all on fine form. Pity there was never sequel from the other point of view.