The Mind Snatchers Review

Image for The Mind Snatchers

Two soldiers find themselves the unwitting guinea pigs in a medical experiment to stimulate the pleasure centres of their brain.


Early '70s curio with zero production values. This is a low-budget army conspiracy with Christopher Walken and Ronnie Cox as two of the patients at a US Army field hospital, where a German scientist is trying an Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind trick on them.

So, Christopher Walken completists everywhere rejoice, for the boggle-eyed barnstormer's first lead role is here. To be fair, he launches into the role of an army sociopath volunteered for mysterious medical experiments with youthful gusto, but this forced, Kafka-esque drama is based on a play, and would have seemed stagey even in 1972.

Forced and slightly stagey but with decent performances