Mina Tannenbaum Review

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The film tells the story of two girls who are of totally different character. They know each other since their childhood and were friends until they became teenagers. But growing up and becoming adults they go different ways.


An episodic but beguiling French tale of friendship between the skittish social aspirant Zylberstein and the more languid painter Bohringer (so good in Savage Nights) through the inevitable highs and lows that life throws up in their path. A bond that is sorely tested when Zylberstein starts to move in on the gallery owner her best friend secretly swoons over. What could easily have sunken into a Beaches-esque melodrama is kept afloat by a wealth of snappy dialogue, the director’s intriguing tendency toward surrealism and performances that go for the laughter-box as much as the tear-ducts.

Heartbreaking, low-key drama