Midgets Vs. Mascots Review

Image for Midgets Vs. Mascots

When an ex-mascot dwarf dies he leaves his fortune to set up a tournament of various horrors. The winner takes all, but just how much must the winner take first?


Ferociously crude and produced on a budget as Lilliputian as its stars, this bad-taste curio manages to make Jackass look like Jacques Demy. It sets up its wacko mockumentary premise early (a millionaire porn-star ex-mascot dwarf will leave his considerable fortune to whichever team can execute the foulest challenges), then proceeds to uncork the midget diarrhoea, Wizard Of Oz rimming jokes and Gary Coleman’s penis. It’s unclear who the target audience might be — hard-drinking jocks who find themselves waking up next to a 7-11 bargain bin? — and there’s a reservoir of melancholy beneath the antic pranking.

A gross-out comedy to make the Jackass posse look like clergyman. If only it was actually funny.